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Scale LED Lighting System for RC Helicopters & Airplanes

Scale LED Lighting System for RC Helicopters & Airplanes

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Easy to use RC scale lighting set suitable for large RC scale model airplanes and 30-60 size scale model helicopters. The lighting system incorporates high intensity lights that can be visibly seen during day light hours. The circuitry is designed so that the landing and taxi lights can be switched on and off utilizing any receiver channel or coupled with any RC flight control system such as the extension or retraction of the landing gear. Each wire extension is connected to the circuit board with a plug which allows for simple installation. One channel must be available to remotely enable or disable the taxi and landing lights.

Power can be supplied from a separate 4.8v - 9v battery pack or from your receiver.

* Note
In order to operate the taxi and landing lights, you must have a extra channel.
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