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KF105MED4 - MBB BO105 Medical/Rescue Edition
KF105MIL4 - MBB BO105 Military Edition -Down for translation
KF105PLZB4 - MBB BO105 Police Blue Edition
KF105PLZG4 - MBB BO105 Police Green Edition
KF105RB4 - MBB BO105 Red/Blue/White Edition
KF109ERA4 - Agusta 109 Fiberglass Scale Body, ERA
KF135V2CIV4 - Eurocopter EC135 Civilian Edition
KF135W4 - Eurocopter EC135 White Gel Coat
KF350CIV4 - AS350 Civilian Edition
KF350ERA4 - AS350 ERA Edition
KF350NEWS4 - AS350 "News 9" TV Edition
KF350W4 - AS350 White Gel Coat
KF500DMG4 - MD500D Fiberglass Orange/Yellow/Brown Edition
KF500DPB4 - MD500 Blue Police Edition
KF500DW4 - MD500D White Gel Coat
KF500EMG4 - MD500E Orange/Yellow/Brown Edition
KF500EPB4 - MD500E Blue Police Edition
KF500EPR4 - MD500E Red Police Edition
KF500EPRL4 - MD500E Red Police Edition with Lights
KF500GJB4 - MD500 Blue G JIVE Edition
KF500GJR4 - MD500 Red G JIVE Edition
KFH109V2CG4 - A109 Coast Guard Edition
KFHAW4 - Bell 222 Black Edition with Gear
KFUH1CIV4 - UH1-B Civilian Edition
KFUH1MIL4 - UH1-B Military Edition
KFUH1RES4 - UH1-B Rescue Edition


Bell 407 Manual
AS-350 Manual
AH1 Cobra Manual


KF109CG5 - A109 Coast Guard Edition
KF109ERA5 - A109 ERA Edition
KF109W5 - A109 White Gel Coat
KFHAW5 - Bell 222 Black Edition
TF350BWB5 - AS350 Blue Spectrum Edition
TF350BWG5 - AS350 BWG T-Rex 500 California Highway Patrol Edition
TF350GWG5 - AS350 Sheriff Edition


KFHAW6 - Airwolf
KF105ERA6 - MBB BO-105 ERA Edition
KF105MIL6 - MBB B0-105 Military Edition
KF105RB6 - MBB BO-105 Red/Blue/White Edition
KF105W6 - MBB B0-105 White Gel Coat
KF145LF6 - EC145 Life Flight - Red, White and Black Edition
KF145PF6 - EC145 Fire & Rescue Edition
KF500DBR6 - MD500D Yellow Edition
KF500DMG6 - MD500D Orange/Yellow/Brown Edition
KF500DPB6 - MD500 Blue Police Edition
KF500DPR6 - MD500D Red Police Edition
KF500DW6 - MD500 White Gel Coat
KF500EBR6 - MD500E Yellow Edition
KF500EMG6 - MD500E Orange/Yellow/Brown Edition
KF500EPB6 - MD500E Blue Police Edition
KF500EPR6 - MD500E Red Police Edition
KF500EW6 - MD500E White Gel Coat
KFUH60B6 - UH-60 White Gel Coat
KFUH60BH6 - UH-60 Black Hawk (Version 2)
KFUH60CG6 - HH-60 Jayhawk (Version 2)
KFUH60PRES6 - Marine One VH-60N White Hawk
KFUH60SEA6 - SH-60 Sea Hawk Version 2 (Version 2)
TF145LC6 - EC145 Medical Rescue Edition
TF145MIL6 - Lakota UH-72
TF145SF6 - EC145 Starflight Edition (Version 2)
TFMI246 - MI-24 HIND Russian Attack Helicopter Grey Edition
TFUH1MIL6 - Bell UH-1B Military Edition
PT6NSPLEK - Chaos 600 Limited Edition Nitro Pro


KF206BW7 - Bell 206 Jet Ranger Blue & White Edition
KF206NEWS7 - Bell 206 Jet Ranger TV News Edition (Version 1)
KF206NEWS27 - Bell 206 Jet Ranger TV News Edition (Version 2)
KF206SS7 - Bell 206 Jet Ranger Stars & Stripes Edition
KF206TB7 - Bell 206 Jet Ranger Tan & Brown Edition
KF500HI7 - MD500 Black/Yellow/Green Edition
KF500EPL7 - MD500 Green/Tan/White Edition
KF500ETG7 - MD500 Orange & Black Tiger Edition
KF500EW7 - MD500 White Gel Coat
KF500GJB7 - MD500 Blue G JIVE Edition
KF500GJR7 - MD500 Red G JIVE Edition
TF206B7 - Bell 206 Jet Ranger White Gel Coat
TF206BSR7 - Bell 206 Jet Ranger Black/Red/White Edition
TF206SF7 - Bell 206 Jet Ranger Sheriff Edition


TFUH1CIV8 - Bell UH-1B Yellow
KFAW8 - Airwolf

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