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Bear Paws
Bear Paws

Bear Paws

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Part Number:V12/20
Many full-size helicopters are often obliged to operate out of impassable terrain away from airfields, and to cope with this they are equipped with Bear Paws, usually mounted aft of the second skid strut, i.e. just behind the CofG. The Bear Paws prevents the tail end of the helicopter sinking into the ground, and its primary purpose is to protect the tail rotor. All German rescue helicopters of the BO 105, BK 117 and EC 135 types, and also load-carrying machines such as the Ecureuil and Hughes (MD) 500 are fitted with Bear Paws as standard.
On a model helicopter the Bear Paws not only forms another visually appealing detail, but also helps the pilot keep track of the machine's attitude in the air.
Bear Paws, complete for one model

Warning - Cancer & Reproductive Harm -
This product may contain chemicals that are known in the state of California to cause harm.

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