Whether you are a US manufacturer or a Chinese factory, here is your opportunity to eliminate problems and open up the U.S. market. Come to Searchlight, Nevada. Searchlight offers:

- The Perfect Place to develop, improve, test products
- 38 Acres of Available Land
- Paved Runway
- Water & Power
- Transportation on Highway 95
- 120 mile FAA Approved Non Line of Sight Test Corridor
- No Nearby Airport Restrictions
- On Site Assistance with Product Improvements, Testing and FAA approval.

Searchlight is less than one day’s drive to more than 40 million consumers and five major U.S. ports serving the Pacific Rim. Northern Nevada is at the center of the western region, with 11 states and 53 million people only one day’s drive away. Southern Nevada is just hours away from the Southern California markets and within two-day delivery of nearly every state west of the Mississippi River.

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