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UH-60 white Kit (700 size)

UH-60 white Kit (700 size)

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Flybarless Gyros
NAZA-H [+$269.00]
x2 PLU 35-5006 Pulse Lipo 5000mAh 22.2 V 35
Ultra Power Series Batteries - PLU35-50006-A [+$279.00]
Superscale Combo
1x HKIII4035-500KV, 1x EMCC-BEC-PRO, 3x DS1220's,
1x DS20x-GCD, 1x EMCC-EDGE-120HV, 1x NAZA-H [+$699.00]
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RC Aerodyne's new 700 size UH-60 is now available. Its the sixth product in our SuperScale(TM) series.

Our new True Scale Design locates the cockpit exactly at the right spot, unlike on most canopies based on 3D mechanics. The compact mechanic is built into the engine compartment, just like on a real helicopter. Therefore it allows space for front to back scale cockpit seats. The position light system programmable with 9 different patterns is preinstalled.

The fuselage of the UH-60 stands out through the detailed crafted surface details and the overall correctly scaled down shape. This unique scale look and details stun and make it hard to see the difference to a real helicopter.

The helicopter comes with a detailed instruction manual. The setup is simple and quick, the mechanics are completely preassembled. Only screw drivers and allen keys are required to make it airborne.


    Quad Blade Rotorhead and scale carbon fiber rotor blades included
    Quat Tail Blade and scale carbon fiber tail blades included
    Extremely detailed surface details, a realism unknown in this size class
    Complete seven seated scale cockpit
    Complete built in / preinstalled position lighting system (controllable via aux channel)
    Special CCPM mechanics built in the top section, as on a real helicopter
    Use of 750MX standard equipment (12S battery, 450KV motor), fly with your existing parts
    Take off weight of 9kg (about the double than a 700 3D helicopter)
    1700mm long, exact 1/ scale
    Product comes preassembled and requires very few work to mobilize it


Body length: 1700mm
Length incl. rotors: 1850mm
Main rotor diameter 1560mm
Main blade length:


Tail rotor diameter: 280mm
Tail blade length: 105mm
Main shaft diameter: 12mm
Tail shaft diameter: 5mm
Spindle diameter: 8mm
Drive gear ratio: 1:13.8:3.9   (  13.83:1 )
Main blade count: 4
Tail blade count: 4
Motor:* 1x 750MX 500KV brushless outrunner , 12S capable
Speed controller:* 1x 120A brushless, 12S capable
Servo:* 3x metal gear cyclic, 1x metal gear tail servo
Battery:* 44.4V 5000mAh 35C
Flight time: 5 minutes
Takeoff weight: 9000g
Flight Stabilization:* 3 axis flybarless gyro
Radio Control:* min. 6 channel with pitch and throttle curves

Add The Power Combo!

Our 700 UH-60 Optional Electronics Package Includes: 3 SC-1258TG Servos, 1 SC-1257TG Tail Servo, 1 Castle Creations 20A Pro BEC, 1 Castle Phoenix HV 120 ESC, 1 Scorpion HKIII5035-500KV Brushless Motor, and a Black Widow 3 axis Gyro.  A detailed description of each is below.

Mechanics Pictures:

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