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Super Scale Quad-Blade Rotor Head (700-Size)

Super Scale Quad-Blade Rotor Head (700-Size)

Price: $399.95
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Part Number:DC700QUAD

It has finally arrived!  The new Super Scale .60 size / 700 size monster rotor head.
This one is a beast.  Meticulously machined rotor head.  A work of art.
High quality thrust bearings allows for smooth and trouble free flights.  The advanced
linkage assembly offers a no phasing necessary install.  No phasing means no follower
needed.  The set up is very strait forward and simple.
Fully adjustable linkage rods makes this unit versatile for most machines and easily adaptable.


- No slop blade grip attachment
- Designed to fit 120 degree ccpm
- Fits all 12mm main shafts.
- High Quality Thrust Bearings
- Super Scale
- Fits 700 size rotorblades with a root of 12mm

1. CNC Metal Rotor Hub
2. CNC Aluminum Scale Rotor Discs
3. CNC Aluminum Blade Grip extensions
4. CNC Aluminum Swash Plate   120 Degree ccpm
5. Linkage Arms

You will need to supply your own linkage balls.

Estimated time to complete assembly : 25-30 min.

Download the Instruction Manual (Adobe Acrobat PDF)

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