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Scale Helicopter Fuselages

At RC Aerodyne, we are glad to offer a variety of scale helicopter fuselages for helicopter flight enthusiasts. Our available sizes range from 60 to 800. A number of Super Scale fuselages are available as well. For years RC Aerodyne has provided customers with richly detailed helicopter fuselages. We have models that are licensed by manufacturers such as Bell Helicopters, Boeing, AgustaWestland, Messerschmitt, and McDonnell-Douglas. These are fuselages any radio control pilot would be glad to fly.

For military buffs we provide numerous body types. Models of Border Patrol UH-60-A helicopters can be flown with Bell AH-1 Cobras in white or desert camouflage coloring. A 600-size version of the Marine One VH-60N is also available. Model fuselages for the iconic HH-60 Jay-Hawk used by the Coast Guard are available in a number of scale sizes. The classic MD500 can be purchased with a military style appearance that includes weapons. We also carry a wide variety of model UH-1 Huey fuselages in both military and civilian styles. The Huey is also one of many model fuselages that comes in a rescue motif. Other models in this style include the MBB BO105, Eurocopter EC135, and others.

Civilian helicopter pilots can also enjoy a broad selection of fuselages. We carry Bell 407s in a variety of colors and color schemes. Just imagine radio controlling your own news or traffic helicopter. Options include the EC145, Bell 407, or AgustaWestlund AW-109. These, and many others, come in numerous sizes and color schemes. We also have licensed Bell 222 fuselages so fans of '80s television can have an Airwolf of their very own. For a greater degree of customization some models come with a plain white gel coat, allowing you to give the fuselage your own color scheme.

Many of the larger scales we have come with hinged doors and panels for easy access to mechanics and battery replacement. Some of our fuselages also include kits for adapting drive mechanics to the body style. We can also suggest the optimal mechanic set for your chosen fuselage, including our own Chaos series radio control helicopter mechanics.