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Pro High Pressure Gravity Feed Spray Gun - 7001GMS

Pro High Pressure Gravity Feed Spray Gun - 7001GMS

Price: $119.95
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Part Number:7001GMS
***Patent No. 94910***

Designed for full flow painting applications with a broad viscosity range. Uses include fine finishes, metallics and other general painting and refinishing. Well balanced to reduce operator fatigue. Fluid tip and needle are stainless steel Solvent resistant seals. Spray pattern can be easily adjusted from an oval spray pattern to a broad fan spray. Gravity Feed.

Nozzle & Needle Sets:
  • 7001GMS - 130...1.30mm
  • 7001GMS - 150...1.50mm
  • 7001GMS - 170...1.70mm
  • 7001GMS - 190...1.90mm
  • 7001GMS - 220...2.20mm

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