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Chaos 600 CF Pro Flybarless Kit NO Canopy- Torque Tube

Chaos 600 CF Pro Flybarless Kit NO Canopy- Torque Tube

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This kit contains no Canopy.  If you care looking for the kit that includes the canopy, please click on this link.

Torque Tube Edition

The Chaos 600 Pro is a large sized electric powered 600 class model helicopter that runs 600 mm main rotor blades. The 600 Pro is designed for high performance Sport and 3-D flying. The tube driven tail rotor ensures maximum tail performance and increased flight time / auto rotation performance. Sports flyers will be rewarded with accurate stable flight characteristics, whilst 3-D pilots will delight in a high agility machine capable of extreme 3-D flight. The key to the 600 Pros flexibility of operation is the models rotor head as it works well over a broad head speed range.

*This model includes Torque Tube Tail Drive System

Features :

¦Carbon Fiber  Frame
¦Pre-Painted Fiberglass Canopy
¦Carbon Fiber Tail Blades
¦Triple-Bearing Block Main Shaft Support
¦Fully Driven Tail Auto Rotation System
¦High Efficiency Torque Tube Tail Drive System
¦Push-Pull Control Linkage
¦Rear Tail Servo Mount
¦10mm Hollow Main Shaft
¦8mm Spindle

Length: 1200mm(47.25 in)
Height: 388/405mm(15.25 in/16 in)
Main Blade Length: 600mm
Main Rotor Diameter: 1350mm(53.15 in)
Tail Rotor: 240mm(9.45 in)
Motor Drive Gear: (15 and 16T) 6mm shaft
Main Drive Gear: 170T
Autorotation Tail Drive Gear: 180T
Tail Drive Gear: 40T
Drive Gear Ratio: 1:17.0:4.5/1:15.45:4.5
Weight(w/o main blade): 1340g
Flying Weight: Approx 3000g(6.6 lbs)

Download instruction manual (Acrobat PDF - Updated May 2011)

Click here to visit the Chaos Lounge if you have questions about our Chaos line of RC helicopters

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