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Part Number:EMPHX-ICE75L
Phoenix ICE LITE 75 Brushless ESC
Key Features

* 25.2 volts max input
* Fully Programmable
* Ideal when weight or space is critical


Phoenix ICE Lite 75 amp brushless ESC: 25.2 volts max input (20 NiMH/NiCad, 6 LiPo), is fully programmable, has heli features, is Castle Link compatible. Has 5A switching BEC. Supports data logging.

Recommended for electric sailplanes or weight/space critical applications.

Welcome to the next generation of Castle air controllers, the Phoenix Ice series.

Phoenix Ice brings the ability to run at input voltages of up to 8S* (33.6) and use the built in switching BEC to output up to 5 amps of servo power all the way up to the 8S max*!

Switching BEC
The Phoenix Ice switching BEC output is factory set to 5.0V. Users may use Castle Link to select their desired voltage between 5.0V and 7.0V, in 0.1V increments.

Data Logging
Ice brings another incredibly useful feature, extensive data logging capabilities. The controllers are able to measure and record many parameters at sample rates that you choose between 10 samples per second and 1 sample per second. Data points include:

* Battery Voltage
* Battery Ripple
* Battery Current
* Controller Temperature
* Controller Input Throttle
* Controller Motor Power Output
* Motor RPM

This data is stored directly in the controller and may be accessed once the run is over using the Castle Link USB adapter (sold separately) and Castle Link software (available free at The Max Log Size is 21,504 bytes, everything takes one byte except for motor rpm which takes two.

* Logging 'Battery Current' at only a 1 sample / second - 358 minutes of logging time (almost 6 hrs)
* Logging 'Motor RPM' at only 1 sample / second - 179 minutes of logging time
* Logging everything at only 1 sample / second - 44 minutes of logging time
* Logging everything at 10 samples / second - 4 minutes and 28 seconds

Two versions: Heat Sink 8S max input and Heat Shrink 6S max input
The Ice comes in two versions, standard version which is optimized for demanding RC heli and sport aircraft applications and a Lite version packaged in heat shrink for users with tight fuselages.

All Phoenix Ice are ready to fly out of the bag, no programming is necessary for most aircraft applications. The controllers are set at the factory for Auto Lipo detect/cutoff operation and they are tuned for optimum outrunner performance.

Advanced users will find the incredible programmability of the Phoenix Ice allows for performance characteristics tailored exactly to their desires.

Heli users are raving about the performance of Castle?s programmable helicopter modes which include options to directly enter desired governed headspeeds as numerical values! Every heli power combination requires slightly varying governor gains, Castle makes these easy to tweak and the net result is a rock solid tail.

Designed in Kansas. Components manufactured in the USA, Mexico, and China.

Castle Creations, Inc. warrants this product to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of one year from date of purchase.

*8S rating is for standard Phoenix Ice only. Phoenix Ice Lite has a maximum voltage of 6s.

Warning - Cancer & Reproductive Harm -
This product may contain chemicals that are known in the state of California to cause harm.

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