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BAVARIAN DEMON 3-Axis FBL Stabilization System

BAVARIAN DEMON 3-Axis FBL Stabilization System

Price: $249.99
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Part Number:BD-3SX

The best thing about the flybarless system is
that is suitable for unlimited use.

Easy to install the use in all RC helicopter models - be it electric, nitro, combustion-powered and turbine-powered. Furthermore, the flybarless system 3SX supports all current analogue, digital and brushless servos, including narrow pulse servos on the tail-piece. Moreover, the innovative 3SX technology is compatible with all current swashplate variants without restriction and also contains the possibility of the virtual swashplate torsion. The housing is made out of high-quality CNC-milled aluminium and with its small and compact size it offers the best flexible installation options for the RC helicopter no matter whether it is horizontal, vertical or headlong.

Silicon MEMS gyroscope from the newest generation.
And much more.

The 3SX offers a great deal of innovation and performance with the silicon MEMS gyroscope of the newest ge-neration on a gold-plated printed circuit board. The bavarianDEMON designers and engineers have covered even the smallest details of the internal components in order to maximise performance and to bring out the best in the system. In addition, the integrated and ultra-fast tail rotor and an ultra-modern, symmetrical torque control of the 3SX is persuasive. As a result, the 3SX flybarless system is extremely powerful, light and unique.

Configuration and real-time tuning.
It is as simple as that!

Programming is conceivably simple and comfortable thanks to the bavarianDEMON set-up assistant. With the help of real-time tuning all important flight parameters can take place when the RC helicopter is in full operati-on. The connection cable from the receiver to the 3SX contained in the scope of delivery is inserted on both si-des. The flybarless system 3SX is capable of on-line update via an integrated flash memory for the update downloads.

Scope of delivery & gadgets.
Together everything becomes demonic.

After the purchase of a 3SX, each new happy demon owner receives a complete package with a sensor unit, mounting pads, connection cable harness, USB-PC cable as well as the possibility of software and firmware up-dates via the Internet Operating instructions and PC software are available for download under the "Service" heading at Software / Firmware and Manuals / Data Sheets. Furthermore, you can look forward to the demonic accessories which are an absolute must for any RC helicop-ters with "DEMON Inside".

  • Sensor unit including mounting pads
  • Connection cable harness
  • USB cable for connection to PC
  • Firmware and software updates via the Internet

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