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3-blade rotor head 12 mm
3-blade rotor head 12 mm

3-blade rotor head 12 mm

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Rotor heads with three or more rotor blades really deserve their own chapter in any discussion of model helicopters; speculation is always in the air at such times, because sooner or later most pilots feel the need to try a model with a multi-blade rotor head.
In general terms the current generation of multi-blade rotor heads bears little comparison with earlier designs, and this applies in particular to their handling in the air.
These rotor heads are manufactured using a special mixture of fiber glass reinforced plastic. They are moulded with the blade holder shafts integrated in one process. The resulting flexibility and damping from this process is the key to the good quality of these rotor systems.
The special blade holders with two blade mounting bolts produces an extremely smooth-running system, already during the acceleration of the rotor. When a rotor experiences changes in load or rotational speed, the rotor blades try to swing forward or back; this causes imbalance, as the blades do not carry out these movements evenly. The double blade mounting eliminates this movement. The tendency of the rotor blades to "go their own sweet way", as the laws of physics act upon them, is effectively damped by the inherent elasticity of the centre piece.
Some scale models may weigh twice as much at take-off as a typical trainer helicopter. Even though the latest technology is used (or perhaps precisely because this technology makes it possible), these models have one thing in common: the heavier they are, the more demanding they are to fly. In such situations the pilot needs all the help he can get, and this is where a Helicommand Ord. No. 3270 helps, as it can reduce the model's demand on the pilot and bring them close to normal levels.
The swashplate of every mechanics is useful for the linkage of 2-blade-, 3-blade- or 4-blade rotor heads.

For the T Rex700 and Chaos 700 be sure to purchase the V76/19 1 bolt 5mm blade grips as a direct replacement for the 2 bolt blade grips. Does not come with swash or follower.

Warning - Cancer & Reproductive Harm -
This product may contain chemicals that are known in the state of California to cause harm.

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