Hyperion EOS LBA Net Balancer, 6S 10A,A123 Capable

Hyperion EOS LBA Net Balancer, 6S 10A,A123 Capable

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New Hyperion EOS LBA10 Net - The Most Powerful, Versatile Balance-Safety Adapter for Lithium Packs - Max 6S, 10A rating - Network 2 units for 7S~12S balancing.

The Hyperion EOS Lithium Balance Adapter 10 (LBA10) is the newest, most feature-packed and reliable lithium balancer on the market today, and comes at a bargain price. Simply put, it is the most powerful, versatile, and safest way to charge your lithium packs today. A single LBA10 provides three ways to balance your lithium packs from 2S to 6S, at a maximum of up to 10-ampere rate!

Or, you can network two LBA 10 together with NET cable and adapter pack #HP-EOSLBA10-MSC. Set one LBA10 to Master and one to Slave mode. Series the LBA input leads together, and connect to a charger with appropriate S rating. Now you can charge two packs of same cell type and capacity (such as 6S and 6S) at the same time, and every cell in both packs will be balanced to the other when charging is done. Connect the packs in series and fly, with balanced packs from 7S to 12S in this way!

Or, say you have two 5S chargers, and want to charge two 5S packs to connect and fly as 10S. Use each LBA10 in Master mode, and connect each to a separate charger and battery. When charging is finished, Connect the two LBA10 together in Master-Slave configuration, and connect them to the just-charged lithium packs. The LBA10 will work together until every cell in the two packs are balanced together, then automatically shut down. Takes only a few minutes. Now series the packs together and fly in peace!

Each LBA 10 comes with balance harnesses for 2S and 3S packs. For 4S to 6S packs, get the appropriate optional harnesses from these part numbers:

You can also order the Hyperion Multi- Adapters

ATTN: The standard harnesses are work for the Hyperion, Etec and Polyquest packs.

For ALIGN packs, please use the XH type harness available in this category. Be aware that the standard LBA 10 harness will fit the ALIGN packs but is not the correct harness, only the XH type will work.

The LBA 10 also has a DataPort (use optional cable #HP-EOSLBA10-DPC) which will allow you to monitor the individual cell voltages while you balance, using the LCD screen of any HYPERION charger which has DataPort option. (DP Chargers available on about Oct1, 2006)

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