F-22 Raptor ARF

F-22 Raptor ARF

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-90mm EDF Fan,

-Scale Working Oleo Struts

The Raptor is new to the styrofoam EDF jet model series. The detail panel line on the fuselage made it super in this class of model in the market.

The F-22 powered by the new developed 92mm ducted fan unit with B36 class brushless motor.

With the special design for the single inlet made the model fly well with a single fan unit.

The kit comes with the aluminum suspension landing gear.

Assembly the F-22 is quite a easy job. All of the parts formed with precise aluminum mold. It just 1-2 hours assembly work and the F-22 can fly.

Specification :

Material : Styrofoam (EPS)
Wingspan : 1150mm
Length : 1300mm
Height : 290mm
Airfoil : Symmetrical
Flying weight : 1600g (with suspension landing gear)
Landing gear Includes Scale oleo struts
Fan unit  : 92 mm x 1 (EDF)

Power system :(Not included)

Motor : 1500kv x 1(outrunner)
ESC : 60A x 1
Battery : Li-Po, 18.5v(5 cells), 3200mAh, 20C

Control system :(Not included)

Radio : 4 channel, delta mixing
Servo : Micro servo (8g) x 3

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