Eurocopter Tiger UHT Scale Fiberglass Fuselage (600-Size)

Eurocopter Tiger UHT Scale Fiberglass Fuselage (600-Size)

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Technical Information

*Does not fit Trex EFL

The tiger attack helicopter from RC Aerodyne is a whopping 65" long which is just a massive 1/8th scale fuselage kit.

This modern attack helicopter is now available in a scale form. 

The new Torque Tube tail design allows for extreme reliability and no service needed installs. 
The kit includes the tail drive gear box that allows the raised tail system to work effortlessly.

This kit was designed for ease of installation.  All wood formers are all ready installed at the factory.  All you need to do is prepare your Trex or Chaos torque tube drive helicopter for the install. 

Specially designed scale side frames are included which do two things.
1.  Lower the transmission in the mechanics for ease of install.
2.  Keep the mechanics in the rear for a scale cockpit ( sold separately )

Kit also includes tail linkage rod for the rudder, and all necessary mounting hardware.

Basically there are two ways to go about setting up this fuselage.

1.  Keeping the stock two blade rotor head.

If you choose to make this simple and quick by not changing the rotor head, there are no modifications needed to the esc or motor.  You can still use the 6s battery pack but we suggest for longer flight times to maybe go with two smaller packs such as 6S 3500 or 4000 mah.   1 6S 5000 mah battery will probably give you about 5-6 min max flight time.
If you double up with two 6S packs, you can obtain flight times of 8-10 min depending on mah.

2.  Multiblade Rotorhead Setup

OK so everyone wants to know the best way to power your mechanics if you choose to fly with a 4 blade rotorhead.
For the best efficiency, high voltage is the way to go.  Increasing your voltage will decrease your amps and give you longer flight time, and also less heat generated, because your motor is not working as hard.

Lets remember though, that when you increase voltage, your rpms increase.  So it is also suggested to find a lower kv motor.

Multiblade rotorheads will fly much better with a lower rpm.  How low?  Typically it is not a good idea to exceed 1500 rpms.  This is quite a drastic change from what you have been used to with just the two blade rotorhead spinning around 2000 to 2100 rpms.

But remember, you have all that extra lift from adding two more blades.

So lets talk some numbers:


12S set up typically uses anywhere from two 6S 3300 mah to 6S 5000 mah.
This is really the most efficient way to go and will give you longer than needed flight times.


A 12S set up would need a motor in the range of 500 to 560KV
We use either Hyperion or Scorpion 4035-500 motors


Any esc that can handle up to 12S.

This kit is truly a beautiful representation of the real modern attack helicopter.  With all the new features to allow super easy install, we highly suggest making this your next scale project!

Note * The kit comes painted in olive drab green.

* Cockpit Sold Separately

Download Instruction Manual (Acrobat PDF)

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