Electric Retracts .15 size  Tri Gear Set (3 pcs)

Electric Retracts .15 size Tri Gear Set (3 pcs)

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Description: Advanced Electronic Retract System For Model Planes (Main Gear X 2 Pcs) ( Nose Gear / Steerable )

These Retracts are absolutely simple and reliable. Based on a jackscrew design, no need to
worry about stripping out gears and sequencing. Also includes fittings to allow the retract
to rotate 90 degrees for some of the warbirds.

Another great feature is initial retract safety. When plugging in your power, if you
have the retract switch in the retract position, the special circuit will prevent the gear from
retracting. Once in the air, just cycle the switch once and it will reset the landing gear.
This prevents accidentally retracting the gear on the ground once you power up your airplane.

The 3 second over current and jamming protection is also integrated into the chip set on these
retracts to prevent from damaging your aircraft or the retracts.

Installation is fast and easy. They will go into any airplane 5lbs or under. Perfect for E powered
edf jets or airplanes.

The retracts can be " Y harnessed " together and they plug directly into the receiver. Thats it!!

So far we have installed them on the E - flite T-28 and 787 Airliner with awesome results. You wont
be dissapointed!!


Advanced Electronic Retract System For Model Planes (Main Gear)Two unit

Product summary
? 3 second overcurrent/jamming protection.
? Auto recovery after overcurrent and jamming protection.
? Smart circuit to prevent retract unit from accidentally retractedeven if you connect power of the plane when the RC control was set to retract the landing gear. Protect your plane from scratch or damage.
? Use carefully for plane heavier than 2.5kg.
? Include fitting to twist the strut 90 degrees when retracted.

? Working Voltage 4.8-6V
? Retract loading 60g
? Working current 0.1-0.3A

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