DG-1000 Scale Glider

DG-1000 Scale Glider

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Part Number:FF-B001
  • Model Name: DG1000 Glider
  • Model: FF-B001
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· DG-1000 Slope Glider

Model no. : FF-B001

Model name : DG-1000 glider

The DG-1000 is the most advance performance glider in the market.

The high scale fuselage and the wing airfoil design complied to the real DG-1000 no matter in the outlook and the excellent performance.

The HQ3012 airfoil copy the high performance from the real DG-1000.

The DG-1000 only weight for less than 1100g so it can fly well in the thermal condition.

Assembly the DG-1000 is quite a easy job. It just need 1-2 hours assembly work and the DG-1000 can fly.

Specification :


:Fiberglass fuselage

/Balsa wood wing

Wingspan : 2630mm (102")
Length : 1130mm (44.5")
Wing Area : 28.5 dm sq.
Airfoil : HQ 3012
 Flying weight :1500-1600g 


Control system:(Not included)

Radio : 3-4 Channel, 
Servo :Micro servo (9g) x 4




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