Blue Habciht Glider ARF

Blue Habciht Glider ARF

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Part Number:BMCP085
SCALE GLIDER Wingspan:2400mm



The DFS Habciht was designed in 1936 as an unlimited aerobatic sailplane and its outstanding flight qualities were praised by many pilots. The model features a nicely shaped fuselage made from high impact material HIP, spray painted in a UV-proof finish. The built-up wing and tails come ready covered in a nice and classic color design.

2.2~2.3 kg
Wing Loading
42.5~46.5g dm/2
Clark Y 61 Modify
Wing Area
49.5 dm/2
Radio Control
3~4 Ch 4~6 Servos
purchase separately

Scale cockpit with control panel details.(Pilot figure is not included)

Air-brakes on both wings efficiently reduce landing speed. (Pilot figure is not included)

The oversized rudder ensures that you’ve got all the control authority and makes the Habciht a great model to fly with.

Removable cockpit design.

Its low parts count and simple designs greatly shorten your time of building.

Available in red or blue - the two classic color designs.

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