Bell 407 Stars & Stripes Scale Helicopter Kit

Bell 407 Stars & Stripes Scale Helicopter Kit

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RC Aerodyne's new 1/13th (470 Size) scale size Bell 407 is now available. It's the first entry in our Super Scale series. 

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So what is SUPERSCALE?

High quality, light weight epoxy fiberglass Fuselage
Scale Fittings: Wire cutters, antenna's, steps, exhaust
Scale Mechanics:  These mechanics are specially designed to be super compact and fit inside the top doghouse, completely hidden from view.
Full Cockpit: Scale cockpit includes front panel, all of the seats from front to back.
Multi-blade Rotor head:  Quad-blade high performance rotor head
Scale Rotor Blades :  Carbon Fiber scale rotor blades designed for low head speed.
LED Lighting:  Includes scale led lighting system.
Display Stand:  Beautiful Aluminum and wood stand included for your desktop.


  • Quad Blade Rotorhead and scale carbon fiber rotor blades included
  • Extremely detailed surface details, a realism unknown in this size class
  • Complete six seated scale cockpit (illuminated)
  • Complete built in / preinstalled position lighting system (controllable via aux channel)
  • Special CCPM mechanics built in the top section, as on a real helicopter
  • Use of 450 standard equipment (6S battery, 1800KV motor), fly with your existing parts
  • Take off weight of 1.2kg (about the double than a 450 helicopter)
  • 900mm long, exact 1/13 scale
  • Product comes pre-assembled and requires very few hrs for completion

Technical Specs:

  • Scale: 1:13
  • Length: 820mm ( 32.3 " )
  • Height: 205mm  ( 8" )
  • Width: 284mm  ( 11.2" )
  • Main Rotor: 320mm  ( 13" )
  • 4 Blade Scale Rotorhead 140 CCPM Swashplate
  • Belt Driven Tail Rotor

Please Note: This product is for intermediate to advanced builders and is not recommended for pilots who have not used or set up flybarless controllers. This kit also includes a multi-blade rotor head and will require phasing for initial set up.

Add The Power Combo!

Our 470 Size Bell 407 Optional Electronics Package Includes: 3 DS933 Servos, 1 DS922 Tail Servo, 1 PL40A ESC, 1 KF model 1600KV Motor, and a ZYX 3 axis Gyro.  A detailed description of each is below.

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